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How Many Teeth

How many teeth do we have?

During our lifetime we develop two sets of teeth. Half the teeth are in the upper jaw and half in the lower jaw.

There are 20 Baby teeth or milk teeth they are made up of incisors canines and molars.

There are 32 permanent adult teeth.

Types of Different Teeth.

Our teeth are different shapes and they cut and breakdown our food in different ways.



The sharp incisors at the front of the mouth are made for cutting food. They have sharp biting edge



Molars and premolars are at the back of the mouth they crush and grind the food. Herbivores need large surfaced molars for crushing and grinding vegetation. Elephants particularly have large molars, which grind their food. By the end of an elephant's life it can wear down it's teeth quite a lot



The Pointed canines are at the sides of the mouth and are designed to tear food. The canines are very prominent in animals such as the dog, which explains the name "canine".


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